About the Company

Economia, a.s., is a major player in the field of online media and digitisation of media content and a significant publisher of economic and specialist press. Economia operates the successful news servers IHNED.cz and Aktuálně.cz, the web project Aktuálně.TV, many thematic website titles and free e-mail portals. It also publishes the daily newspaper Hospodářské noviny, weeklies Ekonom, Respekt and Marketing & Media, and a number of professional titles.

Titles from the Economia media house are characterised by high quality journalism, professional processing, exclusive news and informed analyses. Our reporters and photographers are among the best in the Czech Republic as evidenced by the results of professional competitions, reader polls and the numerous awards which they receive each year.

Our titles are read by 66% of business owners and representatives of the top management of companies, who principally value the reliability of the content and the objectivity of the information provided. Economia is currently the only Czech media house which, through a range of parallel channels, fully addresses the most important part of the population – people who make decisions and who influence public opinion in the country.

Its subsidiary R MEDIA specialises in the production of corporate, regional and local newspapers, magazines, periodicals and annual reports. Further subsidiaries are DALTEN media, which operates the real estate portal Realitymix.cz and software for estate agents, and eBaze s.r.o. which carries out online accounting on the website bezsanonu.cz.

Social Responsibility

Since autumn 2012, special inserts have been published with Hospodářské noviny dedicated in detail to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable business.

The news portal IHNED.cz also deals with CSR.

The publishing house Economia has also given its long-standing support to the promotion of women into managerial positions – with the poll of Hospodářské noviny and IHNED.cz “TOP ženy Česka” (TOP Czech Women) and by supporting the largest CSR competition in the Czech Republic, “TOP Odpovědná firma” (TOP Responsible Business), which is organised by the platform Byznys pro společnost (Business for Society).

Our Successes

American Breakfast on DVTV and Aktuálně.cz
The Economia media house organises breakfast over the results of the American presidential elections. The live show is hosted by DVTV presenter Martin Veselovský together with editor-in-chief of Aktuálně.cz, Pavel Tomášek.

Economia Launches Cloud Accounting Service BEZŠANONU.cz
Economia launches the service BEZŠANONU through the company eBaze s.r.o. This is an online tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses for managing invoices and payments with an intuitive knowledge of their business.

Hospodářské noviny Launches Online Wine Shop
Hospodářské noviny launches a new online shop selling wine from around the world. The website hnvino.cz already offers hundreds of fine wines at unique prices.

Economia Launches New DVTV Mobile Application
For those who enjoy watching DVTV interviews while on the move, an entirely new mobile application has been created. You can download it for free now for both iOS and Android devices.

New Look for Weekly “Ekonom”
The weekly magazine Ekonom, published by Economia media house, is out today with a new look. The structure of the magazine, its graphic format and the manner in which its content will be conveyed have undergone significant changes.

newsroom! – an application packed with news
Economia launches a brand new smart phone application under the name newsroom! The application newsroom! brings you a selection of the best news not only from Economia, but also from around the world, social networks, videos and photographs.

Hospodářské noviny Launches Online Currency Exchange Service
Hospodářské noviny offers a new service under the name “HN směna” on its website IHNED.cz. HN směna allows you to exchange money in over thirty currencies and to carry out foreign transactions under the most favourable conditions on the Czech market.

Respekt.cz Ad-Free for Subscribers
The website of the weekly “Respekt” brings an additional advantage to its readers. Subscribers can enjoy an improved user experience when reading online texts, thanks to the removal of striking and distracting banner advertisements.

Magazine Žena.cz to Change its Look and Content
On 5/ 4/ 2016, the only Economia website aimed exclusively at women is to undergo significant changes in appearance and content.

IHNED.cz Ad-Free for Subscribers
From 17/ 3/ 2016, Economia has introduced several innovations for all subscribers to the electronic version of Hospodářské noviny on the website IHNED.cz.

Marketing & Media Magazine Unveils New Website
The weekly magazine Marketing & Media, which was recently released with a new graphic design and layout, is continuing to ring the changes, today launching its new-look website www.mam.cz.

Cooperation with Media House CNC
In mutual cooperation the media houses CZECH NEWS CENTER, a.s. (CNC) and Economia have created a new advertising product aimed at women – a package of bleskprozeny.cz and zena.cz. The aim of this product is to reach a wider female audience. 

New Look for Aktuálně.cz
Aktuálně.cz has a new homepage and mobile version. On 9 September 2015, Economia launched the new-look Aktuálně.cz news server.

Čtvrtníček and Matonoha Come to Aktuálně.TV
Internet television station Aktuálně.TV is expanding its range of programmes. Following the success of its current affairs formats such as DVTV, Komentář za minutu (A Comment a Minute) or Svět na hraně (World on the Edge), it is introducing entertainment shows.

Publishing House Economia Expands with the Project KDE CHCI BYDLET (WHERE I WANT TO LIVE)
DALTEN media, a subsidiary of Economia, a.s. and operator of real estate portal www.realitymix.cz, has expanded its portfolio to include the project KDE CHCI BYDLET (WHERE I WANT TO LIVE)

New Face of Centrum.cz
Centrum.cz continues to increase convenience for its users. It has now prepared a more clearly arranged homepage with new features and an improved mobile version

Summer with “ego!” Magazine
Hospodářské noviny’s Friday magazine “ego!” with a summer campaign. Every Friday and Saturday throughout the summer holidays, visitors to outdoor swimming pools may encounter “ego!” patrols.

28/ 4/ 2015
Journalism Awards for Economia
Journalists of the Economia media house enjoy considerable success at the fifth annual Journalism Awards. Aktuálně.cz became the most successful written media with its editors earning prizes in the categories Best Interview (Jan Gadzík) and Best Commentary (Jan Lipold), as well as the Google Award for innovative online journalism (Alkuálně.cz foreign news team). The weekly “Respekt” was awarded the prize for best analytical and investigative contribution (Ondřej Kundra) and the Czech-Slovak Public Award (Petr Třesňák).

22/ 4/ 2015
Energy Outlook 2050 Succeeds at the Zlatý středník (Golden Semicolon) Awards
The special prize at the 13th annual Zlatý středník (Golden Semicolon) awards in 2014, announced by registered association PR Klub, was awarded to the publication Energy Outlook 2050. The expert committee positively evaluated the publication’s quality combination of original texts and graphics, and its spreading of awareness in the field of energy.

20/ 4/ 2015
Petr Třešňák Awarded the Czech-Slovak Public Award
Petr Třešňák of the “Respekt” magazine took away the Czech-Slovak Public Award at the 2014 Journalism Awards for his article V pravém rohu nebe (In the Right-Hand Corner of Heaven). Second place went to the foreign news team of Aktuálně.cz for its special report “The War for Ukraine through the Eyes of Reporters”.

3/ 4/ 2015
Publication Energy Outlook 2050 Becomes Corporate Media of the Year
In 2014, the publication Energy Outlook 2050, which maps outlooks in the electricity sector in the decades to come, came away as the absolute winner of the tenth annual Corporate Media of the Year awards, announced by the Chamber of Public Relations. The magazine succeeded up against competition of more than fifty projects, assessed by an expert jury in terms of communication skills, credibility, the structure and language level of their content, composition and work with photographs and illustrations.

31/ 3/ 2015
R MEDIA Enjoys Success in the Fénix Content Marketing Competition
In the second annual Fénix Content Marketing competition, which evaluates corporate publications in both printed and electronic form, R MEDIA took away second place in the B2E category for the weekly magazine “Horník” (Miner) published for the company OKD and a special award for tonality.

5/ 2/ 2015
Třešňák and Veselovský Win Ferdinand Peroutka Prize
Deputy Editor of the weekly magazine “Respekt” Petr Třešňák and DVTV presenter Martin Veselovský earned the Ferdinand Peroutka Prize, which is awarded with the aim of increasing the prestige of journalistic and current affairs work and professions.

17/ 1/ 2015
DVTV Takes Away FITES Award
Daniela Drtinová and Martin Veselovský were awarded a special prize by the Czech Film and Television Union (FITES) for the current affairs project DVTV, whose format, in the opinion of the members of the jury, is “genuinely free, independent and healthily brash journalism”.

20/ 11/ 2014
Project DVTV Enjoys Success at the 2014 Crystal Magnifying Glass Awards
At the ninth annual Crystal Magnifying Glass Awards (Czech internet awards) in 2014, the project DVTV took away second place in the category Project of the Year and third place in the category Content Inspiration. In addition, DVTV presenter Martin Veselovský finished in third place in the category Personality of the Year.

16/ 10/ 2014
Petra Horáková Wins 2014 Journalism Award for Responsible Business
Manager of special inserts Petra Horáková earned the 2014 Journalism Award for Responsible Business, which is awarded as part of the Top Responsible Business competition. Justifying its decision, the jury stated that “she is able to report on CSR topics with professional zeal and comprehension, and yet in an objective and factual style”.

13/ 10/ 2014
Respekt Once Again Successful in Czech Press Photo Competition
Three permanent photographers of the weekly magazine “Respekt” collected a total of five prizes in the 20th annual Czech Press Photo competition. Matěj Stránský won first prize, the Golden Eye, in the category “Nature and Science”, and second prize in the category “People In the News”. Milan Jaroš finished in third place in the same category and also took second place in the category “Everyday Life”. The “Czech News Agency” prize, awarded to mark the competition’s 20th anniversary, was taken away by Karel Cudlín.

13/ 6/ 2014
Petr Třešňák Wins Psychiatric Association Prize
Petr Třešňák of the weekly magazine “Respekt” was awarded the Psychiatric Association Prize of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně for his article “Děti úplňku” (Children of the Full Moon), in which, based in part on his own experiences, he describes the upbringing of autistic children. The prize is awarded annually for a text, “which represents an important contribution to the understanding of mental illnesses, to improving the status of the mentally ill and to the destigmatisation of psychiatry”.

29/ 4/ 2014
Economia Wins Three Journalism Awards
At this year’s Journalism Awards, Economia was successful in three out of five written journalism categories. Editor of “Respekt” Silvie Lauder triumphed in the “Best Report” category with “Unknown Stories of the Romani Holocaust”, while her colleague Petr Třešňák took away the prize for best analytical and investigative contribution for his article on forgotten crimes of the third unit of the Valdice Prison, and editor of Hospodářské noviny Petr Honzejk claimed the prize in the category “Best Commentary” for a series of contributions on President Zeman.

17/ 4/ 2014
Hospodářské noviny and Respekt Dominate Nominations for Journalism Awards
Publications belonging to the publishing house Economia earned eleven out of a total 24 possible nominations for the 2013 Journalism Awards. Hospodářské noviny and Respekt both received five nominations, while IHNED.cz received one.

10/ 4/ 2014
Ekonom Wins Cover of the Year 2013
In 2013, at the tenth annual Magazine of the Year awards, organised by the Union of Publishers, Ekonom was victorious in the category “Cover of the Year”. The attention of the jurors was captured by the cover of last year’s issue 7 of Ekonom with a special tax pull-out.

13/ 2/ 2014
R Media Wins Two Fénix Awards
In the first year of the competition Fénix Content Marketing, which assesses publications in both printed and electronic form, R Media took first place in the category “Employee Newspapers” for the weekly “Horník” (Miner) and second place in the category “Government Newspaper, Public and Non-Profit Sector” for the monthly publication “Kraj Vysočina” (Vysočina Region).

20/ 11/ 2013
IHNED.cz Takes Data Journalism Prize in the 2013 Crystal Magnifying Glass Poll
In the eighth annual Crystal Magnifying Glass Awards (Czech internet awards) held in 2013, which reward the most popular and most interesting projects and services on the Czech internet over the preceding year, the data journalism server IHNED.cz was awarded first place in the category “Content Inspiration”.

19/ 11/ 2013
Czech Press Photo Award for Respekt
“Respekt” photographer Milan Jaroš took first place and the Golden Eye prize at the 19th annual Czech Press Photo awards in the category “General News” for his photographs of Taksim Square in Istanbul. “Respekt” photographer Karel Cudlín received an honourable mention in the category “People in the News” for a series of photographs of Jan Fischer’s presidential election campaign.

24/ 5/ 2013
Kamil Fila of Respekt Awarded “Journalist Quail”
“Novinářská křepelka” (the Journalist Quail) is an award granted by the Czech Literary Fund Foundation to young and promising journalists of up to 33 years of age for significant journalistic achievement.

24/ 4/ 2013
Hospodářské noviny and IHNED.cz Win Three Prizes at the Journalism Awards
Jindřich Šídlo took the prize for “Best Commentary” while his colleague Vojtěch Blažek was triumphant in the category “Investigative Writing” with a series of articles exposing manipulation of the Czech Land Fund. The Google Prize for innovative professional online journalism was then awarded to the IHNED.cz team for its data journalism project.

24/ 4/ 2013
R Media Wins Golden Semicolon
At the 11th annual “Zlatý středník” (Golden Semicolon) awards for best business periodicals, awarded by the Association of Czech PR Agencies, the publication “Horník” (Miner), published by the company R Media, was victorious in the category “Best Internal Newspaper” for the third time.

12/ 4/ 2013
Weekly Magazine Ekonom Digital Magazine of the Year 2012
“Ekonom”, the most widely read weekly economic magazine, was successful in the 2012 Magazine of the Year competition, where it triumphed in the category “Digital Achievement of the Year 2012”. The competition jury appreciated its electronic version for the iPad, iPhone and phones and tablets with the Android operating system.

6/ 2/ 2013
Petr Fischer Awarded the Ferdinand Peroutka Prize for 2012
Petr Příhoda and Petr Fischer received the 2012 Ferdinand Peroutka Prize. The award, which bears the name of the eminent Czech journalist and publicist, is intended to increase the prestige of journalistic work and to celebrate those journalists who follow Peroutka’s example.

30/ 1/ 2013
Petr Třešňák Wins the EU Health Prize for Journalists
Petr Třešňák took first place in the international competition EU Health Prize for Journalists. He was awarded the prize for his article “Adventures in Pavilion No. 14” of August 2011, which describes the situation in the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital and the relationship between a patient and his attendant.



1990 – Economia is founded. Hospodářské noviny becomes a daily newspaper.
1991 – “Ekonom” (Economist) first comes out as an independent weekly magazine.
1997 – Hospodářské noviny becomes a full colour newspaper.
1999 – German publisher of economic and specialist press Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt becomes the majority owner of Economia. Economia launches the news portal iHNed.cz.
2000 – Weekly magazine “Marketing & Media” is first published.
2001 – Friday pull-out “Víkend” (Weekend) is first published in magazine format.
2005 – Hospodářské noviny introduces new lifestyle pull-out “Proč ne?!” (Why Not?!).
2008 – Economia is purchased by Zdeněk Bakala.
2009 – Weekly magazine “Respekt” is editorially integrated into the Economia publishing house.
2010 – Economia purchases the portal Volný.cz.
2011 – Economia begins to focus on the digitisation of its content. The HN application for iPads is launched.
2013 – Economia purchases Centrum Holdings and moves into a new building in Prague’s Karlín district.
2014 – Economia merges with the companies Centrum Holdings and Respekt Publishing.